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  Welcome to Blue Gate Business Services.

The operations support you need so you can focus on

increasing revenues, gaining back time, and having a

business you love (again)!

Who I Help + A Little About Me

I specialize in working with business owners with revenues between $200k and $750k who are facing time constraints and struggling to expand their businesses. By conducting a thorough Profit Pathfinder Audit, I can pinpoint the specific areas that are draining your time and blocking your progress. Following this assessment, I will present you with a tailored solution to reclaim more of your valuable time and grow your revenues.

I have 20+ years of experience across various industries where I have honed my skills in planning, organizing, creating systems, and streamlining processes. Alongside my associate degree in accounting and bachelor’s degree in business administration, I have recently acquired an Online Business Manager Certification®. Leveraging my extensive expertise and education, I am committed to assisting you in reaching your business goals.

My Service Offerings

My Long-Term Retainer Package allows me to take care of all your day-to-day operations, from team and project management to marketing. I am dedicated to helping you find ways to grow your business, so you can step back into the CEO role and focus on growth.

My Short-Term Retainer Package is designed for small business owners seeking guidance, help setting goals for their business, and accountability. Together, we will identify the goals that will propel your business forward and work collaboratively to achieve them.


If you need someone to help keep you on track and moving forward, Melinda is your person. She is incredibly organized and resourceful and is a creative solutionist. She will do her research to make sure she can provide you with the best possible help!

Stacey R. 

Digital Marketer, Certified Dubsado Specialist, Systems & Automation Expert

Working with Melinda as my OBM has been a great experience. She’s helped me keep an eye on all my top priorities, even when I get distracted with new projects and ideas. Over the past few months, I know I’ve made more towards those specific important goals than I would have on my own. She keeps me organized and moving forward, which is exactly what I needed as a CEO. Very grateful for her expertise and support!

Andi H.

Hypnotherapist + Coach

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