Monthly retainer packages start at $2100.

Who is this package designed for?

This package is for businesses that have annual revenues of at least $140k and are looking for weekly support managing the daily operations of the business. This includes:

Project Management

  • Overseeing and leading projects from start to completion
  • Developing strategies, plans, and processes to achieve desired goals
  • Collaborating with external contractors, organizations, and stakeholders
  • Ensuring timely and successful completion of projects

Team Management

  • Building and organizing a cohesive and efficient team
  • Hiring, onboarding, and handling team-related matters
  • Providing clear communication and guidance to team members
  • Resolving team issues and fostering a positive work environment

Marketing Coordination

  • Managing marketing activities and campaigns
  • Coordinating with copywriters, social media managers, and SEO experts
  • Analyzing website analytics and social engagement data
  • Identifying opportunities for marketing improvement and growth

Operations Management

  • Assessing and streamlining business processes and workflows
  • Implementing automation and technology solutions for efficiency
  • Identifying and resolving operational bottlenecks
  • Devising new strategies for smoother business operations

Business Growth and Expansion

  • Proactively seeking new opportunities for revenue generation
  • Exploring options for expanding customer reach and brand presence
  • Networking and identifying potential partnerships
  • Engaging with prospective clients and customers




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